Zoho Support

A failure in technology might disrupt your entire work. It may not only cause problems for the employees but may also delay the process of responding to important customers, thus stalling your entire work.

In such circumstances, you need a CRM tool that provides 24-hour customer support because it’s an essential part of a large organization.  Customer support not only resolves client doubts but also enhances the customer-organization relationship. One such software that aims to make it easy for an organization to perform its daily operations is Zoho CRM.

From sending emails to the clients to ensuring regular follow-up with them it helps you to manage everything in a better way.  Zoho allows you to built seamless relations with your customers and improve your company’s growth. By integrating with your help desk software, Zoho CRM enables you to contact with your customers, hence adding value to the customer journey.

How does Zoho help in building effective customer relationships?

Customer support is an essential part of any organization. Creating a perfect environment is an important element of gaining incredible customer experience. The support and sales teams use different software’s for providing customer support. Thus, it’s important that your help desk needs to be integrated with other business applications. Zoho CRM bridges the gap between the different teams of the organization.  It works smoothly with the topmost help desk.  It synchronizes all your relevant data and customer tickets, helping the support team to provide better customer experience.  It helps the teams in the following ways:

  • Real-time notifications: Zoho CRM provides the teams real-time notifications every time a customer raises any inquiry or support. This helps the teams to immediately respond to the customers.
  • Better customer experience: You get to understand your customers in a better way when your sales and support data is integrated. It helps your sales representatives to solve queries faster and effectively. Moreover, this will also help in providing better customer service when you have all the sales information.
  • Unattended chats: Through live chat feature, the visitors can immediately ask questions related to the product or service they’re interested in. This increases the chances of their buying the product. By integrating Zoho with the live chat app, the unattended chats will be directly sent to the help desk. So, you won’t miss out on an opportunity of engaging with potential customers.
  • Identification of leads: Your leads don’t have to wait for a longer period of time if they have access to the customer support. The integration platform provided by Zoho will help in identifying whether the ticket is from a lead or not. You can check the e-mail of the customers to ensure that the customer is a lead.
  • Faster solutions: Your sales team can keep track of the needs of their leads and contacts. Through real time notifications, your sales team can keep a watch on the leads and increase the chances of up-selling and cross-selling.

Hence, it’s quite evident that customers expect a quick response when they are interested in your products or services. So, you need to respond to the high priority customers quickly. And for this, you need to integrate your CRM, help desk, and other chat applications. Zoho is one such CRM that not only helps you in providing effective customer support but also helps in delivering better customer satisfaction.