Zoho CRM dashboard components are not set to auto-refresh, at the moment. Unless a page is accessed or reloaded, the components won’t fetch the latest data. Here is a workaround to refresh the dashboards Zoho CRM automatically after x time.

1. Install the following Chrome Extensions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/code-injector/dejhdlgcecoelmafalinamhkdcnpdcdb

2. Go to your dashboard and click the extension icon.

3. Click button "Add Rule".

4. Click button "Current Host".

5. Add the following script in the Javascript Tab:


if(window.location.href.includes('tab/Dashboards')) {


}, 1000 60 5); // 1000 ms 60 5 = 5 minutes

          6. Click save and reload the page.

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