Staying on top of your finances and ensuring you are still on your budget can be achieved by using job costing. Zoho creator experts have built a Zbrain Zoho job costing App that offers pathway to achieving financial management breakthrough with allocation of resources. Companies like law firms, accounting businesses, private investment companies; medical services business, and film studios, retail companies can make use of job costing to great effect. It gives employees the ability to be smartly utilized


1.Proposal management, easy planning ahead, quotes evaluation

Zoho costing conveniently helps in planning the future of one’s business as it takes all expenses into account like labor, materials, and employees’ wages thereby leading to accurate picture of your whole business. Your data is conveniently housed in one place

2.It helps in organizing your team and also organizes individual work flow

Zoho job costing helps in monitoring multiple team members at once; it helps you track team progress and reassign team members as needed. It helps you to assign a junior employer to a lower priority and a senior specialist project to a higher priority for fast completion of project

3.Business strategy optimization’

Having a great tool is different from being able to utilize it meaningfully. Utilization of this great tools determines how much of a great extract value can be gotten. With job costing module, you can take stock of your resources and adjust when needed. With this it becomes easier for you and your employees, thereby helping you avoid shortage of resources and surpluses. Job costing helps with business sync, inventory, financial data and order management.

Zoho integration

Zoho job costing integrate with zoho CRM when this tool are used together, it helps your employee and open doors for easier method of calculating job cost. It also allows data to be synced between systems thereby eliminating double entry

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