Blueprint as a recently added feature of zoho CRM helps you effectively align your sales process with your CRM and also ensure that your team follows through it. As we all know that successful sales process starts with CRM, but if not adhered to, it becomes ineffective. The problem arises as your business grow, because implementation of your process as it has been designed can be a challenge, at this point we can then introduce blueprint.

Introduction of blueprint gives a lot of benefit to your business, they are:

  1. You are able to decide the next step of the sale’s rep or what they need to do to convert the prospect, which gives easy navigation making the process easy to follow and repeatable
  2. Once your follow-up work is done and your prospects are engaged, they are then ready to convert, but you have to pull in different data before you can close and this data are scattered across sales, diaries, emails, with the blueprint you will be able to gather necessary information which will automatically prompt them to fill in information where necessary
  3. It ensure that your salespeople log every call together with notes before they move on to the next stage

Bind up your sales process with the blueprint in Zoho CRM and help your team sell better